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Before electronic games, arcades featured pinball and electromechanical simulators such as SEGA Moto Champ. Add to that Tomy's Turbo Dashboard from the 80s and get ready for a bare bones in your face trippy trip with Moto RKD Dash SP!



we are very fortunate to have a world talent such as kliment dichev for the game soundtrack. Please sit back and enjoy some of his amazing music on soundcloud (

we also have the insane power of apprOxima astrOlabos, headed by french composer and filmmaker jeff kilidjian.


the game is available for windows pc, macos, linux and steamos. click on the steam logo below!


alternative downloads here, just unpack and play. Windows, macOS, Linux.


"Def worth the asking price.  Just buy it.  U'd be surprised for the price.  A hell of alot of fun so far.
10/10 (can't ask for more or better for what it offers)."


“It takes a few goes to get the hang of, but once you do, you're in for a slick racing experience.” 

best of October

"Jesus, this game a Blast. Its like going back on time to the 90's arcade racing games. Simple gameplay (gear up, gear down, left and right), but really hard to master. The music is incredible too, what makes the game more amazing xD!  Also, this is a GAME, plug and play. Easy as that, you dont need to get by lots of menus, or anything like that. Juts open, and race. Really really happy to find this little game."


"Bloody hell this is amazing. Controls are simple, the graphics are GORGEOUS (and also quite trippy), and it's just plain fun. It's a bit simple at first but then gets a bit difficult (but not too difficult). I'm having a great nostalgic rush by just playing this. It gets a "Very good!" on the Hoovie Scale!"

Very good!

"Arcade at its best!
- Controls are easy to master
- It has a great learning curve as later levels will challenge your driving skills
- Graphics and music are spot on"

I'm glad i found this game!